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Each homeless person, or client, has a unique set of circumstances that led to homelessness. But they all need a safe, secure, and sober refuge where they can receive help and encouragement to resolve issues and change patterns that have led to poverty and homelessness.

Clients come with a variety of personal issues such as unemployment, addictions, legal problems, mental and physical health issues, poor documentation, disabilities, abuse, poor education and overall lack of life skills. Our Daily Rest has two counselors who work with each client to develop an Individual Care Plan and then monitor and assist clients to fulfill that plan in order to transition to success.

Cayden-at-piano.jpgThere are strict rules and guidelines that clients must follow in order to enter and remain at Our Daily Rest and they include no drugs or alcohol.

Each client meets with a counselor once a week to review and adjust his or her plan. Clients who aren’t serious about doing the work to change their circumstances and their lives are quickly asked to leave. Our Daily Rest is committed to helping people who truly want to change their situation by giving them every assistance and opportunity but will not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Our Daily Rest Board of Directors

    Julian Davis, III, President
    Amy Anderson
    Todd Crowe
Robert McIntyre
    Cecelia McWhorter
    Joyce Peebles
    Steve Smith
    Hal Welch
    Dan Wroblewski

 Executive Director

    Lauren Richardson, lauren@ourdailyrest.org
Men's Program Manager
     Jerry Walters, jerry@ourdailyrest.org
Women's Program Manager
   Stephanie Blake, stephanie@ourdailyrest.org

Our Daily Rest Facility

Mens-DormWeb.jpgOur Daily Rest is set up with a men's side and a women's side and the doors are locked in between. The men's side is dormitory style and the women's side has individual rooms that house three or four per room, to accommodate children. There is an outdoor, fenced recreation area on each side, as well as laundry facilities, a living area and a snack area.

Our Daily Rest is clean, well maintained and comfortable, providing a home-like atmosphere for clients. Each resident has assigned jobs to help care for the facility. 

An evening meal is served to all residents in a common dining area. Meals are prepared by volunteers or residents trained on using the commercial kitchen. 

History of Our Daily Rest

In 2005, a group of community leaders from area churches, social agencies and concerned citizens came together to address the needs of a growing population of homeless families and individuals in Oconee County. The resulting mission was and still is:

  • *  To provide a safe and nurturing facility where families and individuals can maintain their sense of well-being and dignity while rebuilding their lives.
  • *  To work with local agencies, churches, and businesses to help train and employ the temporarily homeless.
  • *  To ultimately help clients find and secure affordable and permanent housing in order to re-establish their value--to themselves and our community.

Our Daily Rest opened it doors in 2009 and has served over 400 clients in the first two years. The support and commitment of individuals, churches and local businesses enables Our Daily Rest to continue to build a better community by transforming lives.

Julian Davis, board chairman at Our Daily Rest describes it this way. "Our Daily Rest has been able to provide for their tangible needs of shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and counseling. However, more importantly Our Daily rest has provided many intangible needs such as safety, structure, productive routines, and accountability towards goals, self confidence, caring, respect and a new direction for their lives."