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Our Daily Rest is Oconee County’s only homeless shelter. We opened our doors August 19, 2009 and on our sixth anniversary we had served 1,192 people and counting. This is not a drop-in overnight shelter, but rather a program that helps people change their lives and transition to successful, independent living. 

Our Daily Rest is community supported Support Our Daily Restand dependent on the contributions of individuals, churches, organizations and businesses to provide funds for daily operations and mortgage retirement.

Make an investment in our community by supporting Our Daily Rest. Contributing to Our Daily Rest is a deeply personal connection—one person to another—that comes when you give a helping hand to a person, a child, or a family.

Transition to Success: How Our Daily Rest Changes Lives

This 6 minute video provides an overview of Our Daily Rest and shares the perspective of people who have received help from this program. Take a moment to learn how your contribution can change lives and help the homeless Transition to Success.

Client-Annie.jpgAnnette's Transition to Success

Annette and her young son came to Our Daily Rest out of an abusive marriage. She already had a job, two in fact, but with past debts and the health issues of her son, she couldn't make rent payments. With counseling and encouragement, Our Daily Rest gave Annette the transition time she needed to clear the debts, build up a savings account and make arrangements for her and her son to live on their own.
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FACT: 40% of the clients at Our Daily Rest are women with small children.




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Our Daily Rest
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